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Mark Winegardner: Criticism and Reviews

Mark Winegardner's page on the Florida State University web site features links to descriptions of his publications along with reviews of each.

Mark Winegardner's web site has many of the same links as the previous web site.

Salon.com features a review of Crooked River Burning.

"Objects in the Mirror are Closer Than They Appear" is the title of a January Magazine review of That's True of Everybody. The review was written by David Abrams.

Additional criticism and review of Mark Winegardner's works can be found at your local public library.

The following reviews can be accessed online only by an individual who has a current library card through this address.

That's True of Everybody.
Review by James Klise.
Booklist, July 2002 v98 i21 p1824(1).

"There are no small stories in this fine collection by the author of Crooked River Burning (2001), an acclaimed big novel about Cleveland history. Some stories span seasons, others years -- and each one documents…"

That's True of Everybody.
Publishers Weekly, June 17, 2002 v249 i24 p40(1)

"Laced with acid wit and withering realism, the 13 stories collected here describe lives of aimlessness and muted disaster in the Midwest…"

That's True of Everybody.
Kirkus Reviews, May 15, 2002 v70 i10 p700(1).

"There's a gritty realism to Winegardner's tales that never lets them sink into the airy pointlessness of so much contemporary academic fiction, partly because…"

Crooked River Burning.
Review by Ted Leventhal.
Booklist, January 1, 2001 p922.

"Perhaps there is no better place to set an American epic than Cleveland, Ohio, in the heart of the Midwest. …Winegardner's new novel is a grand piece of historical fiction recalling…"

Crooked River Burning.
Review by Thomas L. Kilpatrick.
Library Journal, December 2000 v125 i20 p193.

"Occasionally, a novel comes along that so exemplifies its setting that it sings like an anthem for that city or region. Such a book is Crooked River Burning..."

The Veracruz Blues.
Publishers Weekly, November 6, 1995 v242 n45 p81(1).

"Using real names and events, Winegardner playfully recounts how in 1946 one quixotic man nearly established a third, fully integrated major baseball league in Mexico…"

The 26th Man: One Minor Leaguer's Pursuit of a Dream.
Publishers Weekly, May 17, 1991 v238 n22 p49(1).

"There are twenty-five players on each major league baseball team's roster. Thus, the twenty-sixth man is the one who either almost made it or temporarily made it to the big time -- a position which describes…"

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