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Nikki Giovanni: Selected Bibliography

Black Judgement. Detroit, MI: Broadside Press.

[1968] Black Feeling, Black Talk. Detroit, MI: Broadside Press.
Re: Creation. Detroit, MI: Broadside Press.
Poem of Angela Yvonne Davis. New York, NY: Afro Arts.
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My House. New York, NY: Morrow.

Ego-Tripping and Other Poems for Young People. [Illustrated by George Ford.] Chicago, IL: Lawrence Hill.
(With James Baldwin) A Dialogue: James Baldwin and Nikki Giovanni. Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott.

(With Margaret Walker) A Poetic Equation: Conversations between Nikki Giovanni and Margaret Walker. Washington, D.C.: Howard University Press.

The Women and the Men. New York, NY: Morrow.

Cotton Candy on a Rainy Day. New York, NY: Morrow.

Vacation Time: Poems for Children. [Illustrated by Marisabina Russo.] New York, NY: Morrow.

Those Who Ride the Night Winds. New York, NY: Morrow.

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Sacred Cows… and Other Edibles. New York, NY: Morrow.

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(Ed., with C. Dennison) Appalachian Elders: A Warm Hearth Sampler. Blacksburg, VA: Pocahontas Press.

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The Genie in the Jar. [Illustrated by Chris Raschka.] New York, NY: Holt.
The Selected Poems of Nikki Giovanni (1968-1995). New York, NY: Morrow.
The Sun Is So Quiet. [Illustrated by Ashley Bryant.] New York, NY: Holt.

Love Poems. New York, NY: Morrow.

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(Ed.) Grand Fathers: Reminiscences, Poems, Recipes, and Photos of the Keepers of Our Traditions. New York, NY: Holt.

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