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Harlan Ellison: Selected Bibliography

Rumble. New York, NY: Pyramid Books.
The Deadly Streets. New York, NY: Ace Books.

[Paul Merchant, pseud.] Sex Gang. San Diego, CA: Nightstand.

A Touch of Infinity. New York, NY: Ace Books.
The Man with Nine Lives. New York, NY: Ace Books.

Children of the Streets. New York, NY: Ace Books.
Gentleman Junkie, and Other Stories of the Hung-Up Generation. Evanston, IL: Regency Books.
Memos from Purgatory: Two Journeys of Our Times. Evanston, IL: Regency Books.
Spider Kiss. New York, NY: Fawcett.

Ellison Wonderland. New York, NY: Paperback Library.

Paingod, and Other Delusions. New York, NY: Pyramid Books.

Doomsman. New York, NY: Belmont. I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream. New York, NY: Pyramid Books.
From the Land of Fear. New York, NY: Belmont.

A Boy and His Dog. Farmington Hills, MI: Gale.
Love Ain't Nothing But Sex Misspelled. New York, NY: Trident.

The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World. New York, NY: Avon.

Over the Edge: Stories from Somewhere Else. New York, NY: Belmont.
The Glass Teat: Essays of Opinion on the Subject of Television. New York, NY: Ace Books.

Alone against Tomorrow: Stories of Alienation in Speculative Fiction. New York, NY: Macmillan.
[With others] Partners in Wonder: SF Collaborations with Fourteen Other Wild Talents. New York, NY: Walker & Co.

Approaching Oblivion: Road Signs on the Treadmill Toward Tomorrow. New York, NY: Walker & Co.

Deathbird Stories: A Pantheon of Modern Gods. New York, NY: Harper.
No Doors, No Windows. New York, NY: Pyramid Books.
The Other Glass Teat: Further Essays of Opinion on Television. New York, NY: Pyramid Books.
(With Edward Bryant) The Starlost #1: Phoenix without Ashes. New York, NY: Fawcett.

Blood!: The Life and Future Times of Jack the Ripper. (Sound recording.) Alternate World Recordings.
"Jeffty is Five." Farmington Hills, MI: Gale.

Strange Wine: Fifteen New Stories from the Nightside of the World. New York, NY: Harper.
The Book of Ellison. [Edited by Andrew Porter.] Brooklyn, NY: Algol Press.
The Illustrated Harlan Ellison. (Edited by Byron Preiss.) New York, NY: Baronet.

The Fantasies of Harlan Ellison. Boston, MA: Gregg.

All the Lies That Are My Life. Novato, CA: Underwood-Miller.
Shatterday. New York, NY: Houghton.

Stalking the Nightmare. Huntington Woods, MI: Phantasia Press.
Prince Myshkin, and Hold the Relish. (Sound recording.) Harlan Ellison Record Collection.
Loving Reminiscences of the Dying Gasp of the Pulp Era. (Sound recording.) Harlan Ellison Record Collection.
I'm Looking for Kadak. (Sound recording.) Harlan Ellison Record Collection.

Sleepless Nights in the Procrustean Bed. [Edited by Marty Clark.] San Bernardino, CA: Borgo.
An Edge in My Voice. Norfolk, VA: Donning.

The Essential Ellison: A Thirty-Five Year Retrospective. [Edited by Terry Dowling, with Richard Delap and Gil Lamont.] Omaha, NE: Nemo Press.

Angry Candy. Boston, MA: Houghton.

Footsteps. [Illustrated by Ken Snyder.]. Round Top, NY: Footsteps Press.
Harlan Ellison's Watching. Novato, CA: Underwood-Miller.

The Harlan Ellison Hornbook. New York, NY: Penzler.

Dreams with Sharp Teeth. [Includes revised editions of I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, Deathbird Stories, and Shatterday.] New York, NY: Book-of-the-Month-Club.
Run for the Stars. [Bound with Echoes of Thunder by Jack Dann and Jack C. Haldeman II.] New York, NY: Tor Books.

Mefisto in Onyx. Shingletown, CA: Mark V. Ziesing Books.

Mind Fields: The Art of Jacek Yerka, the Fiction of Harlan Ellison. Beverly Hills, CA: Morpheus International.
Slippage: Precariously Poised, Previously Uncollected Stories. Boston, MA: Houghton.
Mind Fields: Thirty Short Stories Inspired by the Art of Jacek Yerka. (Illustrated by Jacek Yerka.) Beverly Hills, CA: Morpheus International.

Edgeworks. (Four volumes, from the White Wolf series). Clarkston, GA: White Wolf Pub.

Repent, Harlequin! Said the Ticktockman: The Classic Story. (Illustrated by Rick Berry.) Novato, CA: Underwood Books.

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