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Thomas Berger: Criticism and Reviews

Best Friends a review by Andrew O'Hehir on Salon.com

"Once Upon a Time in the West" a review in City Pages by Allen Barra of Berger's novel The Return of Little Big Man.

Additional criticism and review of Thomas Berger's works can be found at your local public library.

The following reviews can be accessed online only by an individual who has a current library card through this address.

Best Friends.
Review by David W. Madden.
The Review of Contemporary Fiction, Fall 2003 v23 i3 p135(1)

"Best Friends is Thomas Berger's twenty-second novel and evidence that his ironic, inventive muse remains as vibrant as ever. Without the fanfare that should accompany his brilliant accomplishments, Berger has created…"

Sneaky People.
Critic: D. Keith Mano.
The New York Times Book Review April 20, 1975.

"… Come at this novel with the same delightful ignorance that Thomas Berger's characters have as their only stock in trade. When did you ever believe a publisher's blurb, anyway? Also, forget the cheap, put-down title. Sneaky People is …"

"Thomas Berger: Overview."
Critic: Alan Murphy.
Twentieth-Century Romance & Historical Writers, 3rd ed., edited by Aruna Vasudevan, St. James Press, 1994.

"Thomas Berger's fictional world is typically bawdy, a Rabelaisian exhibition of the strengths and weaknesses of humankind. Little Big Man takes this perspective and applies it to the great American myth of the Wild West…."

"Thomas Berger: Overview."
Critic: Brian Stableford.
St. James Guide to Fantasy Writers, edited by David Pringle, St. James Press, 1996.

"Thomas Berger is a satirist who combines, in a typically American fashion, a cynical suspicion that human beings are incapable of getting things right with a sentimental appreciation of the tragedy inherent in that realization. His novels chronicling the life and times of Carlo Reinhart constitute…"

"Thomas Berger: Overview."
Critic: William J. Schafer.
Contemporary Novelists, 6th ed., edited by Susan Windisch Brown, St. James Press, 1996.

"Thomas Berger's novels exhibit an extraordinary comic sensibility, a satiric talent for wild caricature, and a concern for the quality of middle-class life in middle America. His novels…"

Publishers Weekly, July 1, 1996 v243 n27 p41(1). Document number: A18444396.

"Berger's (twentieth) novel suffers from a surfeit of pages and a lack of story. There is probably enough material in this fairly straightforward murder mystery to satisfy the demands of a novella; but…"

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